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Conventional turning using manual machinery, turning, drilling and boring

Conventional CNC Turning

Holford Synergy’s “make to order” cells are designed to manufacture for ultimate flexibility to suit our client’s requirements 

Specialising in an array of batch sizes from bespoke one off components to several thousand if required. Using both bar fed and chuck work holding devices enabling a wide variety of material diameters to be held and machined to precision. This coupled with modern capstan CNC lathes which have independent driven tooling abilities, second end work holding and one process complete capabilities gives our CNC turning arm a very competitive edge in today’s climate.    

To aid in these challenges our onsite Kanban tooling system has a wide range of preloaded cutting tools of various grades at its disposal, enabling our machines to efficiently remove material whist maintaining tight tolerances to a high finish. 

The cost saving to this is the Synergy only needs to purchase the amount of tooling required to complete our clients order avoiding the need to “bulk buy” tooling which may or may not be used for the clients. As we don’t need to purchase the client doesn’t need to purchase keeping our costs low and subsequently prices competitive.

Extensive materials can be machined with the aid of this in house facility from stainless steels, to super duplex, coppers, aluminium, brass and super alloys.

Short lead times are available as these machines do have the capacity for flexible working hours on request   

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