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Growth Through Acquisition

Growth Through Acquisition

Growth Through Acquisition

Being a Synergy Holford is no stranger to several levels of acquisition whether that is at product Kanban levels or entire companies absorbed into the synergy itself.

The catalyst driving many business acquisitions involve synergies, when companies are merged together the whole is often greater than the sum of its individual parts. For example we find that typically opportunities involving production, volume, capacity array are all positive by-products of assimilating other business opportunity. With cost savings passed on to customer through means of discount in purchasing larger quantities of raw material and tooling and reduced overheads in direct and indirect personnel ratios. 

Previous levels of acquisition:

  • Limited companies purchased as going concerns, supported and backed by the synergy, retaining jobs, products, financial obligations and subsidiary supply chains.

  • Specific product ranges taken on by the Synergy and manufactured at one of our facilities which have lower over heads. These items are then placed on a Kanban supply system and dispatched back to the client at a subsidised rate enabling them to retain their margins without the issue of manufacturing.

Our Acquisition Process:

Acquisition target identified, strategic gaps and M&A strategy

Mutual design and execution of letter of intent “acquisition plan”

Due diligence and negotiation

Mutual integration, planning and communication

Signing closing making public to newly formed teams  


Testimonial from Arnold Wragg

From Wragg’s to Riches

Arnold Wragg an aerospace engineering company who has been manufacturing components for the aerospace sector amongst others for the past decade at its modern facility in Sheffield what purchased as a going concern some 2 and a half years ago by the Holford Synergy based in Bedford.

The company was taken over honouring its obligations to its creditors, staff and customer base ensuring its existing supply chain agreements were kept. Obviously these early stages were the toughest but with a reshuffle of top tier management and its newly found support network the company was in a position where it could see potential.

Some 3 years down the line now and the company has never been more financially safe, we managed to keep our original client base and with the aid of the synergy gained some much valued additional clientele. New machinery has also been added to our shop floor all helping in fulfilling the company’s increased order book.

Paul Brunton Arnold Wragg’s Managing Director     


If you believe your company is at a point where it could benefit from being a part of something bigger please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss moving forward together.



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