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Arnold Wragg invests in probing technologies

Arnold Wragg recognise the necessity to keep production costs down especially in today’s competitive market, as a manufacture Arnold Wragg is a seller of time this time is noted as Value Adding “VA” and None Value adding  “NVA” activities. As part of Arnold Wragg’s mission statement for 2013 increasing efficiency maximising through put by eliminating waste in this investment machine “set up” reductions which play a vital part especially as Arnold Wragg is a make to order business offering batch sizes one 1 to several thousand dependant on customer requirements.

Blum-Novotest GmbH is recognized as a developer of innovative as well as high quality measuring and testing technology. The division 'Measuring Components' develops and produces high quality measuring technology for machine tools and offers laser measuring systems and probes for tool setting and monitoring, touch probes for work piece and tool measurement as well as sophisticated probing software for comprehensive production control in initial setup.

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