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Barwell Spares and Service Ltd, in conjunction with GTR Rail

The current scenario for rail depots needing to fill their toilet tanks aboard trains, whilst stabled in the depot for maintenance and cleaning, involves a member of staff to attach a hose to the filling point, turn on the tap and continue with the remaining chores.

Dependant on usage, the toilet tanks may only have needed a short fill, but the current method of filling would continue until the member of staff physically turned the “tap” off creating a massive wastage of expelled water.

Our “inline” water metre is designed to dispense the required amount of water needed to “fill “ the toilet tank, and then shut off “automatically” to save any excessive wastage.

Our metres can be pre-set to the required dispense levels, and adjusted easily by turning the dial to the required value.

The metre shown in the photo is designed to dispense at 2 required levels,300lts and 450lts,dependent on the train in position. This value can be set between 100-1000 litres.

Accurate metered results have shown water savings of 15,000 litres per week per device!

Which equates to a potential saving of 780 CUBIC METRES per year/ per device!

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