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Thread Rolling

Thread Rolling

Holford Synergy has two main forms of thread forming the first being screw cutting on our CNC machinery the second being thread rolling.

Thread rolling is a process where threads are formed by moving material as opposed to cutting away material. Dies which have a mirror image of the thread form and pitch ground into them are rotated whist the product is pushed into the die. Pressure causes the material to flow into the die forming the thread. Cold working of the material during thread rolling makes the threads stronger and more fatigue resistant than cut threads which break the material grain flow.

Analysis is provided ensuring thread integrity and form, in addition Holford Synergy has heat induction equipment designed to raise the component temperature to 220degrees exciting the molecules making them more susceptible to the rolling process.

A combination of these techniques enables Holford Synergy to thread roll an array of hard materials, super duplex, alloy 717, 625 etc..

Thread rolling is a fast process and very cost effective way to produce threads with a large variety of roll types in stock ensuring set up costs remain low

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