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Arnold Wragg demonstrates aerospace self locking nut manufacture and testing


Arnold Wragg one of the few manufacturing companies to be able and approved to manufacture A Series and AGS Locking Nuts, here is why

These components are difficult parts to manufacture and require knowledge, resources and expertise to create a very exacting part with batch release test that has to be externally witnessed. The standard requires that the nut is made by a sealed route process and Arnold Wragg ltd is one of a very few manufactures with the quality systems and AS9100 culture to ensure that every batch is made in the approved way.

The technical challenges that had to be overcome were the low (-75 Degrees Celsius) and high (200 Degrees Celsius) temperature tests and the recording of the torque values over the 36 tests of six different test types that each component requires. A computerised torque measuring and recording system was designed and built specifically to ensure consistency in the testing process. This means that every test is now recorded as a graphical output, which considerably increases clarity over the previous single figure records.

These processes exceed the minimum requirements of the test standard, but at Arnold Wragg ltd that is the way things are done...

If you are interested in the supply of aerospace components please contact Arnold Wragg on


Phone Pete on: 07739 788 401

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